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Aeration is an effective way to improve lawn health

Does lawn aeration really work?
 YES, is the short answer from the experts at Turf Md’s. But a clearer explanation is healthy lawns require a balance of the right amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients in order to thrive. Aeration helps reach this balance by puncturing the turf and soil of your lawn allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate to the root zone. It also allows your turf’s root system room to spread out.  

Does aeration work best in certain soil types?
Turf Md’s lawn aeration service is helpful to almost any soil but it offers the most benefit for soils that are not pH-neutral and compacted soils. Turf Md’s can provide a Lawn Analysis to scientifically tailor your lawn’s treatment plan.

For pH unbalanced soils, aeration can help slow-release alkaline or acids introduced right after aeration to reach the root zone faster. You don’t need to aerate in order to treat a pH imbalance, it just aids the absorption process. 

Clay soil is dense and compact.  This means it has very small pores that restrict air exchange at the roots, not allowing the grassroots to grow deep. Turf with shallow roots will be less hearty resulting in grass that is highly susceptible to drought.

Are there different methods of aeration?
The most common method of aeration is Core Aeration. Core aeration uses a machine that should penetrate a minimum of 2″ below the soil line to remove plugs of turf, thatch, and soil. The plugs are deposited on the lawn surface to be reabsorbed by the turf. The second kind of aeration that Turf Md’s offers are Solid Tine Vibration. Solid tine is the best tool to use for highly compacted soils. As every lawn is unique, Turf Md’s will determine which method will provide the best result.

What is the best month to aerate my lawn?
Spring core aeration may be beneficial if your lawn is so compacted it refuses to grow however Turf Md’s recommends aerating between August and September. We’ll also determine if your lawn can benefit from over-seeding as aeration creates the optimal growing conditions. 

Will Turf Md’s pick up plugs after aerating?
We leave the soil plugs on your lawn to decompose and filter back into the holes left by the aeration machine.  In a few weeks, the plugs break down, feeding nutrients back to your lawn’s roots.

Aeration Services Pricing

How much should lawn aeration cost?
Cost is based on lawn size and the complexity of the terrain. Turf Md’s will provide a quote for your approval based on those variables. To get a general idea of the cost for aeration, Turf Md’s charges $125 per hour with a minimum fee of $90. Core aeration is typically faster, while solid tine is more methodical. 

Aeration Services Overview

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